Snow Removal Equipment

For folks who like to work with their hands, work outside and get things done, the arrival of winter can be an unwelcome turning of the seasons. These people like to work in their yard under the hot sun. They like to take care of their yard. They like to mow their lawn and take on new landscaping projects. Perhaps they like to garden. There is something natural about human beings working outside. Many of these projects start in the spring, hit their peak in the summer and then, just when you get used to working outside so much that you wish it were a regular part of your life, the temperature begins to drop and it’s time to wrap up for the year.


While many seasonal projects do need to come to a stop—or at least a seasonal hiatus—during the winter months, working outside does not have to end when the leaves change. In fact, there are some jobs that demand the cold weather. Of course this refers to snow removal. And while snow removal may not take place under the hot sun, it does share with warm weather work a necessity for the proper equipment. When you’re done with this equipment you might not reach for a glass of ice cold lemonade on the porch—maybe instead you’d prefer a hot cocoa by the fireplace. Here is a look at some of the equipment that will help you accomplish the winter work of snow removal.



Shovels are perhaps the original piece of equipment. When politicians pontificate about jobs that people can begin work on immediately, they often refer to them as “shovel-ready.” That’s because you don’t need anything to work with a shovel except for the shovel itself. Perhaps that should be the ultimate standard for reliable equipment. The only fuel it requires is a human being using it. Of course, as simple as shovels are in theory, in practice there are a wide variety of shovels available. You won’t want to use the same shovel you use for digging in the garden for snow removal, so prepare for winter weather and winter work this season by making sure you have a shovel wide enough and designed specifically for snow removal. Because the snow picked up by the shovel is heavy, these shovels are often designed to be as lightweight as possible while still strong enough to get the job done. Many people also keep a second shovel in the trunk of their car for snow removal around their car in the event of a sudden storm.


Snow Blowers


For those who aren’t willing or able to put in the manpower necessary to wield a shovel for snow removal, the snow blower is the way to go. If you’ve ever operated a snow blower, you understand there is nothing quite like the feeling of instantly casting aside the snow in your driveway simply by pushing a button and aiming your snow blower. It is a powerful feeling. And the snow blowers available today are even more lightweight, powerful and fuel efficient than they have ever been in the past.






For the serious snow remover, there are snow plow attachments available for your truck. This would be advised if you’re responsible for clearing off many driveways or even streets. If you’re in the snow removal business of course, a snow plow truck is also an option. If all of this equipment sounds like too much work to operate, contact a Seville snow removal professional before the weather gets bad and make sure you are prepared.