Seasonal Cleaning

We’ve all heard of Spring cleaning. It’s the time of year, after things are stored and accumulated in the winter as they tend to be, when people are most motivated to clean things up. It makes sense that the biggest yearly cleansing ritual takes place in the Spring. Although the calendar year begins in January, it doesn’t always feel like a new beginning because it’s the middle of winter. Temperatures start to rise, nature begins to change and come alive again in the Spring and it feels more like a new beginning.

While Spring cleaning might be first seasonal cleaning that comes to mind, each season change is actually a perfect time for cleaning. When you clean at the start and finish of each season, it has the added bonus of making the big Spring clean that much more manageable. With that in mind, and with it being the beginning of a new fall season, here is a look at how some Barberton residents are cleaning up.


Home Interior


Cleaning up the interior of your home or apartment is probably the first order of business for seasonal cleaners. In Ohio and throughout the Midwest (unlike, say, California) the seasonal shifts can be pretty dramatic. What this means is people tend to accumulate things that are of specific use for a particular season. In the summer, your house is strewn with tank tops and flip flops. There are fresh tomatoes and corn on the kitchen counter. This is alright if you’re moments away from heading outside to lounge by the pool or about to take a picnic to the park. But as the seasons change, that stuff that is so last season (to borrow a phrase from the fashion industry) starts to become a hassle. Seasonal cleaning is a good time to put things in storage or to evaluate your things and decide if some could be thrown away, recycled or donated.


Lawn Care




Of course, it is outside and not inside that is really affected by seasonal changes. Though it seems sometimes like your lawn is just part of your house, it’s also a part of nature. As a result, it changes with the seasons and requires a different type of care. Obviously, the grass needs mowed less and less frequently as the weather gets cooler and the Spring and Summer rains cease. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your lawn doesn’t need as much attention. There are actually things you can do in the fall to better prepare your lawn for next year’s warmer months. If you live in Northeast Ohio, contact the lawn care Barberton companies to find out what you should do to keep your lawn looking nice throughout the year.


Car/Office Cleaning


If you’ve cleaned inside and outside your house for a new season, congratulations. You’ve already done the hard work. Sometimes, that momentum inspires people in Barberton to finish the job and clean up the rest of the spaces they live in. For most people, after their house, they spend the most time in their car or office. Since changing weather can affect your vehicle, a thorough inspection by a professional each season is a good habit to cultivate. Cleaning your office each season may motivate you to stay productive and provide the fresh start necessary to avoid feeling like you’re living the same day over and over again.