Popular Landscaping Ideas

Keeping up with the Jones’” used to mean making sure your stuff was just as nice, if not nicer, than your neighbors. It was a small, natural feeling of jealousy shared by many Americans who suddenly lived quite close to one another in similar looking houses in the suburbs. Today, however, this feeling of keeping pace with the successes and activities of those around you has never been more intense. This is largely thanks to the internet. The internet has encouraged people to selectively show the world only the highlights of their lives. This means that not only do you have to keep up with your neighbors, you have to keep up with just about everybody.

On the bright side, the internet has also provided a seemingly unlimited boost to the imagination. It has never been easier to spur your creativity by seeing examples of what other people have accomplished. One aspect of the home that this creativity has changed is the yard. Though perhaps less flashy (and certainly less expensive) than a new car, beautifully, creatively landscaped yards have been inspiring people on the internet. For folks who want to outdo their neighbors—or create a meditative outdoor space to get away from the competition—here are some ways homeowners in Barberton are having landscape success.




More and more people these days are planting gardens. For some people with a green thumb, there is nothing more pleasing to look at or more relaxing to work in than a garden. For others with no gardening experience, the idea of having a garden can be intimidating; it can seem like too much work on top of an already busy schedule. The good news is, there is no limit to how small or large a garden can be. For those who have a garden they love but think they’ve done all they can with the space their yard provides, there has never been more information readily available about techniques to improve the health and diversity of a garden of any size. For those reluctant to get started (or who aren’t confident enough to be seen gardening by anybody else) there are edible, useful and medicinal plants, vegetables and herbs that can be grown in a small pot in your window. Sometimes this first step—and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve successfully grown something useful—is all it takes to take the next step outside and start planting a small garden in your yard.






There are many folks in Barberton who already feel they have the perfect yard. It is already a place they go to relax and there it’s tough for them to think of anything they’d want to add. People like this may want to contact a Barberton lawn company with some landscaping experience and ask about the possibility of adding a walkway through their yard. Walkways are a great minimalist landscaping option because they don’t really add anything to your yard. They simply allow you to move through it more efficiently or in a more aesthetically pleasing way that highlights your other landscaping work or your favorite views. Winding paths are a popular option. Walkways or paths can be lined with pretty plants, flowers or other decorations as well.


Freestanding Structures/Additions


People with a lot of yard space may want to consider an additional building. These structures can be functional, like a shed or greenhouse, or for relaxation, like a gazebo. Again, you may want to consult with a Barberton lawn care professional or design and construction firm as these projects may be more involved than they seem at first. For those with limited space, freestanding structures like arches are currently a popular addition to yards. They look great and can make the yard appear bigger than it already is.