How To Prevent Snow Blowing And Shoveling Injuries In Wadsworth

The winter season in Ohio can be brutal if you are not prepared. Not only do you need to shovel the sidewalk, but there is also a task bigger than that waiting in the driveway. Are you up to the challenge? If not, maybe you should consider calling a service that offers Wadsworth snow removal.  You will save your back and a lot of time.

According to Ortho; in 2015, more than 15,000 individuals were involved with injuries because of a snowblower. Also, over 158,000 people were examined or treated in clinics, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms because of injuries related to removing ice or shoveling snow.


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Blowing Safety


It may sound a bit strange, but you need to have a strategy to safely blow the snow from your living areas. These are some of the things to do to keep safe.


Shut if Off: If you are going to walk away from the blower; never leave it running.

Hands Away: Keep your hands from the inside of the blower. If it gets jammed, you should just stop the engine, making sure it has stopped before you attempt to remove the debris.

Watch for the Motor Recoil: Use caution after you turn off the blower. The blades and motor have a brief ‘recall’ when the engine is shut down.


Easy Does It With The Shovel


Pace Yourself: Unless you are good at aerobics; take breaks frequently. Staying hydrated is important, but you also need to listen to your body. If you begin to have any unexplained shortness of breath or pain; it is probably a good idea to stop and seek emergency care.

Observe Lifting Techniques: You don’t always think about it, but shoveling snow requires the same lifting techniques you would use with any lifting activity. Remember to bend at the waist and lift with your legs. If the snow is ‘wet’ and clumped; take it easy and move it away in small bits, not all at once.

The Right Equipment: Choose a shovel that suits your strength and height. If the tool is too tall or too heavy; you add additional stress on your spine with every movement.


Get Down To Basics


Start Blowing and Shoveling Early: Handle the task in small increments. If possible try to begin before the snowstorm gets ahead of you.

Dress Warmly: Dress in layers using water-repellent clothing. Wear some warm socks and a pair of mittens or gloves to keep your fingers dry, warm, and—hopefully—blister-free.

Observe Your Space: If you have a lot of shrubs or items that might have been left outside before the storm; you will need to play close attention while you are blowing or shoveling. All it takes is tripping over a small item in the uncharted snow bank, and you will find yourself in the emergency room.


These are just a few ways you can prevent some of the snow blowing or shoveling injuries. If this isn’t your ‘cup of tea,’ you can always call in the professionals.