Following The One-Third Rule

Now that the spring and summer times are upon us, our yards are going to become a lot harder to manage. The one question that runs through everyone who cares about their lawn’s mind is, “How often should I cut my grass?” This is a great question that can be answered with a fraction: one third. The one third rule is a method that should be used by anyone who wants to keep their lawn trimmed and neat. Here, we will go over what exactly the one third method is and how it works to the advantage of your lawn. After reading this article you should be acquainted with the method and be able to apply it to your own personal lawn care.


The One Third Rule


The one third rule states that you should never cut more than a third of your current grass height. This method is used to guarantee the health of your lawn while maintaining a manageable lawn height. For example, if your lawn was 3 inches high before mowing you would cut an inch off to stay within the bounds of the one third rule. Keeping your lawn up like this during the spring and summer seasons can prove to be tedious. That’s why it is advised that you get your local Barberton lawn care company to come in and handle the weekly maintenance it may require.




Still wondering exactly why you should cut your lawn a third at a time? Let’s go over that. Like most plants, grass relies on photosynthesis to create the sugars needed to support the life of the plant. This process is done at the blade of the grass plant. When you cut that area off too low your grass can begin to stop producing the necessary amounts of sugar needed to continue to grow properly. It would also cause your grass to grow smaller root systems than normal, which isn’t good for the plant. Eventually your grass would begin to wither and die. Grass naturally grows tall and strong so it can be easily seen how stopping the plant from doing what it does naturally can harm it. There may be a specific length that your grass is recommended to remain, depending on the type of grass you grow. Make sure that you are familiar with the type of grass growing in your yard so that lawn care specialist and you can be aware of the intricacies that come with that type of grass.


Keeping your lawn at the appropriate length for positive growth and health is the most important pillars of lawn care. If this task is too much for you, make sure that you remember to call a lawn service provider in your area so that they can help you take care of your lawn. With the grass growing season upon us, now is the time to be proactive about your lawn care. Using the one third method will keep your lawn looking tidy and green.