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What To Expect This Winter In Medina

If you are a newcomer to the Ohio area, be prepared for some pretty inclement weather. If you are not experienced in snow removal, at some point in the Medina area, you will need some trained professionals to assist you with the tremendous amount of work involved in the task. Hopefully, these guidelines will provide you with plenty of essential information about what is like in the Medina climate.


The 2016-2017 Season


According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the coldest times are forecasted for late December until early February. You might get a break by April or May, but those first two months of the year can be torturous if you are not prepared for snow removal. As an example, January 2015 only had seven days that were above freezing. Those temperatures make snow removal difficult, to say the least.

You can always tell when the cold weather is approaching; you will see all of the Ohio Department of Transportation vehicles moving about. That is your first clue the snow storms are revving up for the winter. Even with all of the pickups, dump trucks, and snow plow blades churning the ‘mess’ about with some salt; you still have to deal with the buildups down the stairs, sidewalk, and driveway.

At any rate, veteran or not on the snow removal field, there may come a day when you just cannot handle the snow anymore and need to contact a team of professionals for the task. A team of technicians offering Medina snow removal can handle everything for you. Set back with hot chocolate, enjoy the scenery, and let them do the work!




Basic Guidelines


Medical Conditions: Before you decide you are going to battle the snowfall, it is advisable to be sure you don’t have any medical issues that could place you in the emergency room.

Appropriate Gear: If you are going to shovel or blow the snow be sure you have on some lightweight and water-repellent clothing. You will want to be covered from head to toe in the right gear including some thick warm socks, as well as some gloves to keep your hands from getting blisters and stay dry and warm.

The Right Equipment: Other than just having the regular show shovels or snow pushers; you also need to be sure the height of the tool is right. The shovel should not be too heavy either because you already have the weight of the snow to factor in.

Use Caution with the Chosen Blower: If you use a snowblower unit; be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for your safety.

Beat the Storm: If possible, try to clear the main pathways before the snow gets ahead of you and makes the job more difficult.


As always, be cautious of where you are walking as you clear the way; you never know what you could be standing on underneath the snow. Many accidents can happen from the unknown spaces where you cannot see beyond the snow; especially, at the end of the driveway where the snow plows have left you additional buildups.





How To Prevent Snow Blowing And Shoveling Injuries In Wadsworth

The winter season in Ohio can be brutal if you are not prepared. Not only do you need to shovel the sidewalk, but there is also a task bigger than that waiting in the driveway. Are you up to the challenge? If not, maybe you should consider calling a service that offers Wadsworth snow removal.  You will save your back and a lot of time.

According to Ortho; in 2015, more than 15,000 individuals were involved with injuries because of a snowblower. Also, over 158,000 people were examined or treated in clinics, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms because of injuries related to removing ice or shoveling snow.


snow removal Wadsworth


Blowing Safety


It may sound a bit strange, but you need to have a strategy to safely blow the snow from your living areas. These are some of the things to do to keep safe.


Shut if Off: If you are going to walk away from the blower; never leave it running.

Hands Away: Keep your hands from the inside of the blower. If it gets jammed, you should just stop the engine, making sure it has stopped before you attempt to remove the debris.

Watch for the Motor Recoil: Use caution after you turn off the blower. The blades and motor have a brief ‘recall’ when the engine is shut down.


Easy Does It With The Shovel


Pace Yourself: Unless you are good at aerobics; take breaks frequently. Staying hydrated is important, but you also need to listen to your body. If you begin to have any unexplained shortness of breath or pain; it is probably a good idea to stop and seek emergency care.

Observe Lifting Techniques: You don’t always think about it, but shoveling snow requires the same lifting techniques you would use with any lifting activity. Remember to bend at the waist and lift with your legs. If the snow is ‘wet’ and clumped; take it easy and move it away in small bits, not all at once.

The Right Equipment: Choose a shovel that suits your strength and height. If the tool is too tall or too heavy; you add additional stress on your spine with every movement.


Get Down To Basics


Start Blowing and Shoveling Early: Handle the task in small increments. If possible try to begin before the snowstorm gets ahead of you.

Dress Warmly: Dress in layers using water-repellent clothing. Wear some warm socks and a pair of mittens or gloves to keep your fingers dry, warm, and—hopefully—blister-free.

Observe Your Space: If you have a lot of shrubs or items that might have been left outside before the storm; you will need to play close attention while you are blowing or shoveling. All it takes is tripping over a small item in the uncharted snow bank, and you will find yourself in the emergency room.


These are just a few ways you can prevent some of the snow blowing or shoveling injuries. If this isn’t your ‘cup of tea,’ you can always call in the professionals.




Snow Removal Equipment

For folks who like to work with their hands, work outside and get things done, the arrival of winter can be an unwelcome turning of the seasons. These people like to work in their yard under the hot sun. They like to take care of their yard. They like to mow their lawn and take on new landscaping projects. Perhaps they like to garden. There is something natural about human beings working outside. Many of these projects start in the spring, hit their peak in the summer and then, just when you get used to working outside so much that you wish it were a regular part of your life, the temperature begins to drop and it’s time to wrap up for the year.


While many seasonal projects do need to come to a stop—or at least a seasonal hiatus—during the winter months, working outside does not have to end when the leaves change. In fact, there are some jobs that demand the cold weather. Of course this refers to snow removal. And while snow removal may not take place under the hot sun, it does share with warm weather work a necessity for the proper equipment. When you’re done with this equipment you might not reach for a glass of ice cold lemonade on the porch—maybe instead you’d prefer a hot cocoa by the fireplace. Here is a look at some of the equipment that will help you accomplish the winter work of snow removal.



Shovels are perhaps the original piece of equipment. When politicians pontificate about jobs that people can begin work on immediately, they often refer to them as “shovel-ready.” That’s because you don’t need anything to work with a shovel except for the shovel itself. Perhaps that should be the ultimate standard for reliable equipment. The only fuel it requires is a human being using it. Of course, as simple as shovels are in theory, in practice there are a wide variety of shovels available. You won’t want to use the same shovel you use for digging in the garden for snow removal, so prepare for winter weather and winter work this season by making sure you have a shovel wide enough and designed specifically for snow removal. Because the snow picked up by the shovel is heavy, these shovels are often designed to be as lightweight as possible while still strong enough to get the job done. Many people also keep a second shovel in the trunk of their car for snow removal around their car in the event of a sudden storm.


Snow Blowers


For those who aren’t willing or able to put in the manpower necessary to wield a shovel for snow removal, the snow blower is the way to go. If you’ve ever operated a snow blower, you understand there is nothing quite like the feeling of instantly casting aside the snow in your driveway simply by pushing a button and aiming your snow blower. It is a powerful feeling. And the snow blowers available today are even more lightweight, powerful and fuel efficient than they have ever been in the past.






For the serious snow remover, there are snow plow attachments available for your truck. This would be advised if you’re responsible for clearing off many driveways or even streets. If you’re in the snow removal business of course, a snow plow truck is also an option. If all of this equipment sounds like too much work to operate, contact a Seville snow removal professional before the weather gets bad and make sure you are prepared.

Preparing For Winter

In the old days, preparing for winter was serious business. Maybe your grandparents’ stories about walking 10 miles to school barefoot in the snow shouldn’t be taken as objective fact, but anybody with any knowledge of history, or who has read Little House on the Prairie books, understands that life in general, and especially life in winter, is much easier today than it was a hundred years ago. Of course, there are new challenges that we face today that could be considered more difficult than those faced in the past, but few would argue that life was physically harder in wintertime’s past. There was a lot to think about and do to prepare for the winter months, especially in places like the Midwest where winter means inclement weather. Winter storms, blizzards and even routine snowfall still affect our daily lives today, even with tremendous increases in technology. You may be able to work from home more easily today than in the past, but the winter weather can still prevent you from getting somewhere and can still leave you stranded in an unfortunate situation. If all that is true today, even with our advanced ability to communicate and more advanced vehicles, it is obvious that winter was a problem drastically affected the lives of those in the past. With that understanding, people today should definitely make it a priority to do what they can to prepare for winter, especially as it pales in comparison to what past generations—yes, even your parents, grandparents and their exaggerated stories—had to deal with.

snow removal Barberton

Snow Removal


The weather in the winter, especially in the Midwest, can be unpredictable to say the least. That is why, regardless of any long-term or short-term forecast, folks should have a snow removal plan in place before winter weather strikes. This snow removal plan could involve several aspects. For one, it might involve making sure you have the necessary equipment if you’re a person who prefers to do things yourself. These people should make sure any snow removal equipment is in working order and has plenty of fuel for the new season. If you are going to rely on others for snow removal this year, it is a good idea to find out whose services you might use ahead of time. Planning in this way limits the stress and uncertainty that can come with having plans change due to winter weather. People should contact a Fairlawn snow removal company to get a sense of their location and the services they offer so they are prepared this winter.


House and Vehicle


In addition to formulating a snow removal plan, folks should take the necessary steps to prepare their house and vehicle for the winter. For a house, this might involve having a professional perform an efficiency inspection to make sure everyone stays warm and heating costs stay as low as possible. Special winter-grade oil is available for your vehicle as well as gas line anti-freeze. Having your car serviced and having a professional verify that all of your vehicle’s fluids are ready for winter is always advisable. You might not have to chop any excess firewood for your wood-burning stove any longer, but there are still things to do in 2016 to prepare for winter.


Seasonal Cleaning

We’ve all heard of Spring cleaning. It’s the time of year, after things are stored and accumulated in the winter as they tend to be, when people are most motivated to clean things up. It makes sense that the biggest yearly cleansing ritual takes place in the Spring. Although the calendar year begins in January, it doesn’t always feel like a new beginning because it’s the middle of winter. Temperatures start to rise, nature begins to change and come alive again in the Spring and it feels more like a new beginning.

While Spring cleaning might be first seasonal cleaning that comes to mind, each season change is actually a perfect time for cleaning. When you clean at the start and finish of each season, it has the added bonus of making the big Spring clean that much more manageable. With that in mind, and with it being the beginning of a new fall season, here is a look at how some Barberton residents are cleaning up.


Home Interior


Cleaning up the interior of your home or apartment is probably the first order of business for seasonal cleaners. In Ohio and throughout the Midwest (unlike, say, California) the seasonal shifts can be pretty dramatic. What this means is people tend to accumulate things that are of specific use for a particular season. In the summer, your house is strewn with tank tops and flip flops. There are fresh tomatoes and corn on the kitchen counter. This is alright if you’re moments away from heading outside to lounge by the pool or about to take a picnic to the park. But as the seasons change, that stuff that is so last season (to borrow a phrase from the fashion industry) starts to become a hassle. Seasonal cleaning is a good time to put things in storage or to evaluate your things and decide if some could be thrown away, recycled or donated.


Lawn Care




Of course, it is outside and not inside that is really affected by seasonal changes. Though it seems sometimes like your lawn is just part of your house, it’s also a part of nature. As a result, it changes with the seasons and requires a different type of care. Obviously, the grass needs mowed less and less frequently as the weather gets cooler and the Spring and Summer rains cease. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your lawn doesn’t need as much attention. There are actually things you can do in the fall to better prepare your lawn for next year’s warmer months. If you live in Northeast Ohio, contact the lawn care Barberton companies to find out what you should do to keep your lawn looking nice throughout the year.


Car/Office Cleaning


If you’ve cleaned inside and outside your house for a new season, congratulations. You’ve already done the hard work. Sometimes, that momentum inspires people in Barberton to finish the job and clean up the rest of the spaces they live in. For most people, after their house, they spend the most time in their car or office. Since changing weather can affect your vehicle, a thorough inspection by a professional each season is a good habit to cultivate. Cleaning your office each season may motivate you to stay productive and provide the fresh start necessary to avoid feeling like you’re living the same day over and over again.

Popular Landscaping Ideas

Keeping up with the Jones’” used to mean making sure your stuff was just as nice, if not nicer, than your neighbors. It was a small, natural feeling of jealousy shared by many Americans who suddenly lived quite close to one another in similar looking houses in the suburbs. Today, however, this feeling of keeping pace with the successes and activities of those around you has never been more intense. This is largely thanks to the internet. The internet has encouraged people to selectively show the world only the highlights of their lives. This means that not only do you have to keep up with your neighbors, you have to keep up with just about everybody.

On the bright side, the internet has also provided a seemingly unlimited boost to the imagination. It has never been easier to spur your creativity by seeing examples of what other people have accomplished. One aspect of the home that this creativity has changed is the yard. Though perhaps less flashy (and certainly less expensive) than a new car, beautifully, creatively landscaped yards have been inspiring people on the internet. For folks who want to outdo their neighbors—or create a meditative outdoor space to get away from the competition—here are some ways homeowners in Barberton are having landscape success.




More and more people these days are planting gardens. For some people with a green thumb, there is nothing more pleasing to look at or more relaxing to work in than a garden. For others with no gardening experience, the idea of having a garden can be intimidating; it can seem like too much work on top of an already busy schedule. The good news is, there is no limit to how small or large a garden can be. For those who have a garden they love but think they’ve done all they can with the space their yard provides, there has never been more information readily available about techniques to improve the health and diversity of a garden of any size. For those reluctant to get started (or who aren’t confident enough to be seen gardening by anybody else) there are edible, useful and medicinal plants, vegetables and herbs that can be grown in a small pot in your window. Sometimes this first step—and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve successfully grown something useful—is all it takes to take the next step outside and start planting a small garden in your yard.






There are many folks in Barberton who already feel they have the perfect yard. It is already a place they go to relax and there it’s tough for them to think of anything they’d want to add. People like this may want to contact a Barberton lawn company with some landscaping experience and ask about the possibility of adding a walkway through their yard. Walkways are a great minimalist landscaping option because they don’t really add anything to your yard. They simply allow you to move through it more efficiently or in a more aesthetically pleasing way that highlights your other landscaping work or your favorite views. Winding paths are a popular option. Walkways or paths can be lined with pretty plants, flowers or other decorations as well.


Freestanding Structures/Additions


People with a lot of yard space may want to consider an additional building. These structures can be functional, like a shed or greenhouse, or for relaxation, like a gazebo. Again, you may want to consult with a Barberton lawn care professional or design and construction firm as these projects may be more involved than they seem at first. For those with limited space, freestanding structures like arches are currently a popular addition to yards. They look great and can make the yard appear bigger than it already is.

Landscaping Improvements

Does your house and property look unruly and unkempt? Does it look old or uninviting?

There are many important things you can do to make your house look like a lovingly cared for home:

What Every House Needs

A new coat of paint can do wonders, and perhaps a new hue will brighten things up considerably. No matter what type of house, shutters can make an incredible difference and lend a finished and homey air to the house. Landscaping is something else that cannot be ignored. The quality and prestige of your home will sky-rocket once these simple landscaping needs are met, and you will ask yourself why you never did this before.


Get Rid Of Weeds

First, be certain to eliminate any weeds that are growing in your flowerbeds, or through your driveway and walkway. Seal off the cracks in the pavement or concrete so more unwanted greenery will not grow. Or if you have extra money in the budget, repaving your driveway would give a clean and pristine look to your property.

Add Some Color

Plant colorful flowers in your flowerbeds—the brighter the colors, the better; you want them to stand out so people say “wow!” Geraniums are a great choice, as are petunias and impatiens…they are large enough to be seen from a small distance, but are not overwhelmingly big when close. Daffodils and irises only bloom in the spring, but they stay green until the snow falls in the winter so they add a nice, subtle green contrast to the vivid rainbow of colors.

Barberton lawn company


Mulch Is A Must

Once you have planted and arranged your flowers of choice, put down black paper or weed barrier in your flowerbeds and shovel a generous layer of mulch on top. Mulching is very important in keeping weeds at bay, and adds a beautiful touch to your home. For the optimum display, border your flowerbeds with rocks or bricks. This gives a very sharp and expensive effect.


Mowing Matters

Next up is the lawn itself. Keep it looking spiffy and maintained. Nothing looks worse than an overgrown, gnarly, weed-infested yard. Spray the ugly weeds and replant grass in some of the rough-looking patches. Once the new grass has grown in and the weeds have died off, keep the grass cut short in an even, uniform manner. Avoid streaks or missed passes of long grass. Be consistent with mowing and keep up with maintenance—don’t let the grass get very long. To keep your lawn looking healthy and green all summer long, get a sprinkler and water the grass. This will add even more of a “glow” to your home.


Too Much Hassle?

Perhaps this sounds like too much work, or maybe it is too time-consuming. Not to worry. Contact a landscaping company and they will do all the work for you. Call in professionals from a Barberton lawn care service, and get your home looking new again. Tell them what you want, or ask them for suggestions; then step back and be amazed at the results. Watch your home be transformed before your very eyes without you even having to lift a finger.

The Grass Is Always Greener…

Have you noticed that your home and property need help, but you are not sure what to do? Does it need improvements, but you are uncertain of where to even start? Does the task look too daunting? Are you feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it? No worries. You are not alone. Professionals with maintenance and lawn care expertise are only right around the corner, ready to help. Stop stressing over the weeds and overgrown shrubbery, and call a Barberton lawn service to get the help you need.


Hassle Free

Once a Barberton lawn care professional is on the way, relax; you do not have to worry about a thing. Spraying and picking weeds can be demanding, not to mention, backbreaking. Planting flowers and bushes can be overwhelming and stressful. Mulching can be hot and exhausting. Trimming trees can be such a nuisance. Mowing can be a constant hassle. Raking leaves and grass can cause allergies to flare and is just a headache in general.
But now, with the help of professionals, you can free your mind and let the work up to them. Explain what you want or ask them to give you suggestions, and enjoy a lemonade on the patio while they transform your lawn and home. Enjoy the benefits of hiring help. Remember, the grass is always greener when you do not have to do all the work yourself.


Making Your Dream Home

Barberton landscaping company

Not only do lawn service crews weed, mow, and hardscape, but they provide landscape designs, as well. They can make your once-simple lawn look like a duchess’s estate. They want to make your dream come true and make your dream-house a reality. Find a reputable service you can talk to and trust. Tell them exactly what you want, and they should be able to help you plan and design, offer suggestions you may not have thought of, and give you a workable time-frame in which they will complete the project. Enjoy watching your fantasy come true before your very eyes!


But…There Is More

In addition to creating your dream home and landscape, the crews not only put down the mulch, but they provide it for you—saving you numerous phone calls, price-checks, and worrying about delivery. It is a one-call stop.
Not to mention, they offer spring and fall clean-up: they will come clear the mess after autumn’s leaves have fallen, saving you the time and energy of hours of raking, and they will arrive in the spring to repair any damage done to your lawn during the brutal winter weather. And in the cold winter months, when you just want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book and cup of cocoa, do not worry—they come remove snow, too! Crews will be sent to clear the sidewalks and plow the driveway so you can enjoy the freedom of coming and going without having to go out into the cold to shovel.

Professional lawn care service providers really do take care of everything for you. Maintaining your lawn and landscaping has never been easier. Talk to a lawn care company, explain your expectations, and ask about their weekly or bimonthly services. Let them take a look and tell you what they can provide and suggest. Your yard, and you, will be glad you did!

The Benefits Of Mulching

When you talk to your local landscaper, they will tell you that adding mulch to your yard or plants is one of the best things that you can do for healthy plants and flowers. Mulch acts as a type of barrier around your plants that helps to protect them from many unwanted yard problems. There are plenty of benefits that come from mulching and your local landscaper can suggest to you the best type to use, although most of them suggest organic brands. Here are a few more benefits of mulching.


Controls Weeds And Retains Moisture

Your Barberton mulch service will tell you just how great mulching can be for your garden and yard. Mulching helps to control weeds, acting as a form of protection or a barrier so the weeds won’t receive the same amount of sunlight that your garden does. This is a great way to keep those weeds away from your plants and flowers.

Barberton mulch service

Mulching also helps your plants and flowers to maintain their moisture. When you use organic mulch, it will absorb water and help keep the soil around your plants from drying out. Not only is this good during your dry season, but you can also save a lot of money on the water bill by not having to water the plants as often.


Helps To Control Pests

Mulch is so good for your garden and your yard. This is one of the best ways to control the pests that have a tendency to kill plants and flowers. This is especially helpful for the vegetables that you may be growing in the garden. A lot of different mulches can actually act like an insect repellent. Cedar is one that really helps to keep the bugs away. It is a natural repellent for a lot of the pests that want to eat your precious plants. It is important to find a mulch that is more fragrant than others. The fragrance is what keeps the insects away and your plants protected.


Reduces Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is another problem that many gardeners face. When you use mulch, you will no longer have this problem. Mulching keeps the rain water from escaping and washing away the soil. It helps to break the fall of the water and takes away the force of the rain. When the water hits the ground, it drains through the mulch and goes straight into your plants and flowers and gives them extra moisture that they need.

Mulch is the best thing that you can do for your plants, yard, and garden. Your local landscaper can give you many great ideas on how to incorporate mulch into your garden and yard. Mulch has amazing benefits and can truly help your plants. You will be very happy with the end results and your yard and garden will look better than ever.

Perennials Vs. Annuals: The Pros and Cons

When the time comes for you to plant your flowers, you’re probably unsure of what to plant and when to plant it. If you are trying to find the perfect flowers that come up every year or if you just want them to last one year, you must know exactly what flowers to choose. This can be hard for first time gardeners and it can get frustrating if you do not know the terminology that goes along with planting. Not to worry, the things that you need to know about perennials and annuals can easily be learned, and professional landscapers can direct you. There are many pros and cons to both and your local landscaper will help you to choose the right ones for your yard and garden.

Barberton landscaping


Perennials For Your Garden

Your local Barberton landscaping company can gladly give you more information about the differences between annual and perennials when you schedule an estimate with them. However, there is a lot to know and learn about perennials. Many homeowners will plant perennials in their gardens and landscaping because they will bloom each and every year after they have been planted. Most fade, or go dormant over the winter, but when spring comes back around, they are growing and blooming once again. There are a good number of perennials that are low maintenance and require very little upkeep.


Annuals For The Home

When you are considering lots of bloom and a myriad of colors, annuals are generally what homeowners choose. Annuals will only last for one year and they do need to be replanted each year. They are a favorite of gardeners and landscapers because they spread quickly and display beautiful colors that really make an impact. However, annuals require moist soil, but nothing too soggy after they start growing. When their flowers start to die, it is important that they are clipped or deadheaded in order to keep the plant healthy and happy.


Both of these flowers can improve the look of your landscape. Most professionals recommend a mixture of both. Perennials that are allowed to become established and flourish will steal the show when it is their time to bloom. Annuals spread fast and show off their bright colors, truly setting off any area that they grace. It truly depends on what type of flowers you prefer and how long you want to keep them, considering factors like soil makeup and light requirements. Your local landscaper will direct you in the way that best suits the needs of your lawn and garden.