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Making The Most Of Your Landscaping

The landscaping around your home can be utilized in a unique way to help you enjoy your property in all seasons and from all aspects. Many people see landscaping as an overwhelming project to tackle and may become quickly discouraged. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent tips to help you make improvements one at a time. Sometimes its as easy as planning for each season correctly. Perhaps using aids earlier than later to help you lawn grow better can make a difference. Deciding what type of look you are trying to portray before putting in plants, mulch, or gravel will surely give you a higher chance of enjoying your property.


Another important aspect to always remember is that landscaping takes not only first time work/installation but also persistence and a system of up keep and maintenance to be successful. Planning for a landscape that you can handle is also the key to not becoming overrun down the road. Make sure to understand ahead of time what kind of work load your property will provide when thriving year after year.

Considering What Plants Are Ideal For Now And Later


One of the most common mistakes that homeowners can make is buying plants that they like and then they grow out of control after a few years and trimming/maintenance becomes near impossible. Be sure to understand the plants durability and life cycle before using them at your home. Certain plants hold up better and live longer than others if you live in an area with multiple seasons/weather patterns. Be sure to know which plants or flowers need watered frequently and which ones can continue to survive just on average rain fall. When understood and planned, plants and flowers can serve as excellent color additions to your home.


Certain flowers can give a brand new look when bloomed and in a convenient location. Certain plants will go with the color of your property and home better than others depending on your desired look. For any further questions, concerns, or issues, you can contact a professional Barberton mulch service.


Deciding On Mulch Beds versus Rock Beds


When you are creating or re doing your landscape and trying to decide on putting in mulch beds or gravel there are some crucial things to keep in mind. Mulch usually needs to be replaced every other year if not every year. Getting the mulch is an obvious expense as well as putting it down if you are not doing it yourself. Mulch can also be a messy job with a large amount of clean up after wards. Gravel on the other hand requires less maintenance and will not go bad in the next few years. It also creates less mess the first time it is put down.


With that being said, mulch is excellent for helping plants grow and thrive as well as giving your property a lush and semi tropical look. If you are looking for a more hardened and steady appearance then gravel/pebble beds can serve a little more of a rugged look around your home. Both gravel and much beds have pros and cons, so it comes down to what kind of look you are trying to portray.                 

Helpful Landscaping Tips For Everyone

Landscaping is used as an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your home and property. There are many simple tricks that can be done to create points of emphasis or focus around your property. A common technique is putting flowers or plants that stand out in areas that the size, shape, and/or color catches the eye and compliments the area that its in. Certain plants that get big enough can even be used as a visibility barrier or enclosure type of method instead of putting in an en entire fence. Another tip to remember is if you are looking for flowers to add to the look of your property be sure to know if they survive the entire season and come back after colder weather happens. Certain plants may not come back after frost/freezing weather so be sure to know what kind of durability the plant has that you are adding to your home or you may be adding them over and over after cold weather.


Another very common mistake that people can make is driving larger vehicles through there yard when the ground is wet. This can leave people with large tracks/ruts that can create mud and remain this way for a while unless fixed. Understanding your landscape and lawn in general is a crucial part of keeping your property healthy, neat, and durable year after year.


Proper Planning Of Equipment Placement And Storage


An excellent aspect to remember when you are re doing or building anything on your property is how you will be able to maneuver and use equipment around your lawn/landscape. For example, installing a shed for your mower too close to the house or fence could create issues when coming in or out. It could also create an area on your property that is hard to reach or blocked off from mowing/trimming. Making a map or sketch of your dimensions in the planning process could give you better results with far less issues and headache. Also, make sure to understand what kind of look a new addition can give to your property when finished. If you are trying to keep a color pattern of point of emphasis and decide to add a large shed because you need storage, this may drastically chance the overall look and feel of the landscape. For any professional service, help, or assistance you can always expect excellent results when reaching out to a Barberton lawn service.


Standard Tools To Help With Basic Needs And Jobs


Landscaping is great in the way that you can create the look and feel that you desire with a little bit of time, effort, and understanding. A good start to tackling basic jobs at your home is having some basic tools. Owning a shovel, rake, leaf blower, hedge trimmers, come along, weed eater, push/riding mower, and wheel barrel are all excellent aids in helping anyone make a drastic difference in the design as well as maintenance of your property. If you wish to do more on your own then luckily in depth/specific tools, appliances, and machinery can be purchased to open up your landscaping possibilities even more. Any of these simple tips can make the process of landscaping at your home much more fun and efficient saving you time, hassle, and money.                             

Using a Lawn Service

Nowadays people are so busy that they are unable to tend to their lawn. Your front lawn is one of the first things neighbors and guest see. You want to make sure that it looks its best, regardless of the time you have to personally take care of it. Calling a local lawn service provider would be optimal in this situation. Lawn service providers are useful for those who are too busy to handle the care of their own lawn or don’t know how. They can provide a slew of services that will keep the integrity of your lawn intact and healthy.


Weeding/Weed Eating


Weeds are plant growths that can grow at fast rates and spread. Lawn service providers generally have a weeding service where they come in and take out all of these unnecessary growths. This is an important service for the health of your lawn. Weeds can release harmful toxins in your soil, steal precious nutrients and water from your grass, and promote pest problems. If your yard is having a weed problem that is getting out of hand, call your local Barberton lawn company to handle it. You can rest a lot easier knowing your yard is safe from unsightly weeds stealing the nutrients from your grass and plants.




Another service that is popularly offered by lawn care companies is a fertilizer or mulch service. This is when a client would ask the lawn care provider to spread fertilizer or mulch onto certain areas and flower beds in the yard. Maintaining the positive growth of your plants by using fertilizer is a great way to promote the beauty of your yard. Mulching is a great service for anyone who has tree growing in their yard. The mulch will keep the roots moisturized by retaining water and keep out competing weeds. Ask you lawn care provider if they offer this great service.




Mowing is the basic service all lawn service providers provide. The proper way to mow is to cut one third of the grass height you currently have. Lawn care service providers know this and will have your grass cut to spec. The professional finish a lawn care company leaves after they mow can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.




Not liking the setup of your lawn? Thinking it’s time for a change? Ask your local lawn care service provider if they are able to hardscape. Hardscaping is the addition of non-plant items onto your lawn. If you are looking to add sidewalks, fences, or lighting ask your local lawn care provider if they offer hardscaping.


When looking for the best solution to handle the care of your lawn calling a local lawn service is one of the best ideas especially for someone who doesn’t have the time to dedicate themselves to it. Depending on the weather conditions and environment of your area, you may need the help of a lawn service provider more than the average home owner.


Following The One-Third Rule

Now that the spring and summer times are upon us, our yards are going to become a lot harder to manage. The one question that runs through everyone who cares about their lawn’s mind is, “How often should I cut my grass?” This is a great question that can be answered with a fraction: one third. The one third rule is a method that should be used by anyone who wants to keep their lawn trimmed and neat. Here, we will go over what exactly the one third method is and how it works to the advantage of your lawn. After reading this article you should be acquainted with the method and be able to apply it to your own personal lawn care.


The One Third Rule


The one third rule states that you should never cut more than a third of your current grass height. This method is used to guarantee the health of your lawn while maintaining a manageable lawn height. For example, if your lawn was 3 inches high before mowing you would cut an inch off to stay within the bounds of the one third rule. Keeping your lawn up like this during the spring and summer seasons can prove to be tedious. That’s why it is advised that you get your local Barberton lawn care company to come in and handle the weekly maintenance it may require.




Still wondering exactly why you should cut your lawn a third at a time? Let’s go over that. Like most plants, grass relies on photosynthesis to create the sugars needed to support the life of the plant. This process is done at the blade of the grass plant. When you cut that area off too low your grass can begin to stop producing the necessary amounts of sugar needed to continue to grow properly. It would also cause your grass to grow smaller root systems than normal, which isn’t good for the plant. Eventually your grass would begin to wither and die. Grass naturally grows tall and strong so it can be easily seen how stopping the plant from doing what it does naturally can harm it. There may be a specific length that your grass is recommended to remain, depending on the type of grass you grow. Make sure that you are familiar with the type of grass growing in your yard so that lawn care specialist and you can be aware of the intricacies that come with that type of grass.


Keeping your lawn at the appropriate length for positive growth and health is the most important pillars of lawn care. If this task is too much for you, make sure that you remember to call a lawn service provider in your area so that they can help you take care of your lawn. With the grass growing season upon us, now is the time to be proactive about your lawn care. Using the one third method will keep your lawn looking tidy and green.



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